Tuesday, 7 November 2017

6 November 2017 – Pinos Fossil

Nine of us for today’s walk, which was led by David (who also took this photo)
Another bright and sunny morning, but with a distinct chill in the air
Even the steep climb at the start of the walk did not result in the removal of any outer clothing
The cold wind resulted in a faster than normal pace and we arrived at the banana stop earlier than usual
Not sure why everyone is looking so miserable, perhaps I should have taken this photo again
Not sure why Pat, David and Jan are sitting with their backs to the lovely view either
After the banana stop the rest of the walk is either level or downhill
Most of the paths are quite good allowing us to enjoy the views
Autumn flowers making their appearance and adding colour to the scene
Nice leisurely pace as it becomes clear we will be early at out picnic site
We arrived half an hour early, but this is the most suitable spot for lunch
And the views are pretty good too
By now we had left the cold winds behind and were enjoying the perfect walking weather
We were impressed with the new path section between the house and the donkey field
As always we paused to make a fuss of the donkeys
Jan had brought an apple, which she cut and removed the core, for her favourite
Ken had also brought an apple, but probably had more sense to cut and remove the core.   His donkey seemed quite pleased anyway
We arrived back at the cars earlier than usual but still pleasantly tired after a very enjoyable walk

Walk Stats
Distance – 8.43 kilometres
Total Ascent – 348 meters
Duration – 4 hours

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