Saturday, 6 January 2018

Thursday, 4 January 2018

29 December 2017 – Snowing in Rothbuy

Our first week in Rothbury was surprisingly mild, but this morning we woke up to heavy snow and a winter wonderland
The children, and their dad, could not wait to get out and play
Chloe, and Michelle, were not so sure that they wanted any part of it

Fortunately the “old folk” were excluded from the snow ball fights
A final group photo and then back to the house to dry off and warm up
After lunch the snow had stopped and we talked Georgia into walking down to the park
We did not make this snowman, but we told Georgia we would pretend that we did
She really wanted to build her own snowman, but she also wanted us to help her
We managed to talk her into building one at home when Jack could help her
The park play area was covered in snow and even Georgia agreed to give it a miss
Instead we walked over the bridge to feed the birds
We always take some bread with us to the park, she never gets tired of feeding the ducks
We had to promise a visit to the sweet shop to get her away from the park
Rothbury is a very pretty little town, and even more so with a covering of snow
We all enjoyed our afternoon walk, but were now happy to return home for tea

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

25 December 2017 – Christmas in Rothbury

With three young children in the house, Christmas morning always starts early
We were all on duty by 6am still dressed in our pyjamas
By 7am we were back in bed recovering
Jack got a scooter for Christmas, and Georgia a bike, so despite the heavy rain we were out before lunch

Chloe did not have anything to ride on, but was quite happy to have her dad playing with her in the park in the rain
After a large Christmas Dinner most of the adults were back in bed for an afternoon nap
But Jan was quite happy to play balloons with Chloe
After an enjoyable child, food and drink filled Christmas Day, it was nice to get out on our own on Boxing Day for a six mile circular walk.

Friday, 15 December 2017

14 December 2017 – Lliber to Senija

12 of us for the last walk before the Christmas Break
Despite a weather forecast of 24c, it was cool enough for some to wear a jacket as we started the walk from Lliber
Not even the steep climb out of the village persuaded them to remove a layer
Although the climb did get the circulation going
It is a year since I got a satnav to record our walks and I still have mixed feelings about it
Nick is a great advocate for them, and a constant source of encouragement and advice
However I still find it more of a problem than a useful navigation tool
I know the walks quite well, so I do not want to have to use the satnav all of the time

I was hoping that I could use it to confirm location and direction, similar to a cairn
It should be possible to do so by using waypoints
You record them on the satnav where you would like a cairn

However when I tried to use them they were in the wrong place, or the wrong sequence
I may be the problem and just need more experience at using the satnav
However Nick thinks it may be a faulty satnav
Not sure I can be bothered to send it back for checking, but will have to decide before the guarantee runs out at Christmas
Being a smaller group we moved faster
We arrived at The Cross just after 12 noon, but everyone was happy to have an early lunch
On the way back to Lliber we met a Spanish lady taking her new pup for a walk
Despite the faster pace we did not arrive back in Lliber until 3pm, which was the normal time.
We had a drink in the square, wine not coffee to celebrate our last walk before Christmas

We had planned to bring a small portion of Stollen cake for all of the group to have with lunch, but were unable to get to Calpe to buy some.   Alijke offered to get the cake as we could not do so.
She brought a large box with about twice as many portions as necessary – but they were all gone by the time we left the bar
Excellent walk and a very good end of our 2017 Walking Season.
Distance – 11.5 km
Time – 5 hours
Ascent – 350 metres

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

9 December 2017 – Thursday Explorers Christmas Meal

Twenty of us got together for lunch at Restaurante Castellvi in Alcalali for our Christmas meal.   Thanks to David Eaton for the excellent photographs.   Thanks to everyone else for their company at the meal, and during our weekly walks during 2017.  Good company, good food and an excellent way to round off the year.   Hope to enjoy many more walks together in 2018.