Tuesday, 14 November 2017

13 November 2017 – Castells Arch

Lovely morning for our second Arch walk in less than two weeks
This is David’s last walk until January, and Pat wanted him to lead this walk for the Monday group
Both of our groups do the same walks, so it is difficult to avoid this sort of clash
However this is such an enjoyable walk that it was no hardship doing it again so soon
It was considerably colder this time than last, particularly when shaded from the warm sun
David and Pat went to explore the arch, but it was too cold to hang about for long
Jan was particularly well wrapped with her jacket, gloves and scarf
The camera angle makes the return journey look more difficult than it really was
However it is still necessary to take great care on the loose and rocky track

We were all pleased to get back into the sun
David found us a cosy sun trap for our lunch
Complete with “table” and “chairs”
Jan always likes to dunk her biscuit in a freshly made cup of tea
The return journey was mostly in the sun, but still cold enough to keep our jackets on
We almost stepped on a ladder snake sunning himself on the track
We completed the walk a little faster than last time, mainly to keep warm
It was warm enough to sit outside in the sun at Bon Aire.

Thanks to David for a lovely walk, we will miss him for the next couple of months

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