Friday, 17 November 2017

16 November 2017 – The Green Horse

Thirteen of us today for another very special walk
There should have been fifteen, but David and Sabine missed it due to a mix up about where we planned to meet
This is one of the first walks we did back in 2006
We have walked it many times since then, but it never loses its magic for us
David has returned to the UK, so I led the walk today
It’s quite difficult to lead and take photographs
So more than usual are taken during stops

And the rest feature whoever happens to be walking directly behind me
We all started off wearing more than one layer
But the first part of the climb is quite steep and we soon warmed up
By the time we reached the top most had removed a layer
The ascent is in the shade, but at the top the sun was warm

So we could take our time walking along the ridge
And did not have to worry about finding shelter from the wind for lunch
It was very a very pleasant break and we were reluctant to get going again
We walked on to the rustic restaurant to extend the walk a little

It is open on a Thursday and looked very inviting
But we resisted the temptation and walked back to the village for a drink
Yet another very enjoyable walk in good company

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