Friday, 20 October 2017

19 October 2017 – Tossel del Moro

Fifteen of us today for one of our favourite walks
Heavy rain yesterday, and a forecast of more today, almost made us cancel the walk
However this morning it was overcast but the forecast was to improve
As we set out from Gata the sun made its appearance
The rain had made everything fresh and we were all really pleased to be out walking again
We had been walking for a couple of hours when Helen received a telephone call
Her husband was locked out, and she had the door keys
So she had to abandon the walk and make her way home
This one is much easier to climb than Soldates, the other Gata walk
The weather was ideal for our picnic lunch, sunny with a light breeze
And the views, as always, would be hard to beat
Jan dropped the top of our coffee flask, which rolled down the hill, but Alijke retrieved it before I could be sent to do so
Just as we started the descent we were relieved to hear that Helen had got back ok
The recent rain made the track easier than usual
Though it still requires some care and attention
The return to Gata was mostly downhill and very easy going
It was a short stop in the bar garden, because the recent rain brought out the mosquitos.   Despite that another very enjoyable Thursday walk.

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