Tuesday, 17 October 2017

16 October 2017 – Benidoleig Seguili Circuit

Eight of us for today’s walk, including Pat who was walking for the first time since the summer break.
We have done this walk twice before, but not since I got my satnav.   So I used the opportunity to record the walk, and Jan helped with written notes
The long pull up the road hill at the start is not any easier, though the stop at the first mirador is just as rewarding as before
Once we recovered from the initial climb the walk is very easy and on good well marked tracks.
I had written notes the last time we did this walk, but did not need to refer to them
It was not as hot as last week, and much more pleasant for walking
We reached the second mirador at 11am, a little early for our banana break but no complaints when I suggested it
There are excellent views to the coast on this walk
It is a very well marked walk, but I am not sure what the yellow spade might be for
Wendy was wearing a new pair of boots, and left the walk early as her foot was very painful

She did so just as we started the second steep road climb, she went down and we went up
We reached our picnic site at 12.30, a little early for lunch.   But this is by far the best place to have it.
David, Ken and I share a “Last of the Summer Wine” moment.   David is showing off the sweet Jan has just distributed.
It was shaded and almost too cold where we had lunch, but we soon warmed up when we started walking again.
The third, and last, mirador has the best views.

Once more we got lost in Benedoleig and rambled around looking for the cars.   The blue line shows the convoluted route we took.
 Walk Stats
Distance - 11 km
Time - 5 hours
Total Ascent - 460 metres

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