Friday, 13 October 2017

12 October 2017 – Tormos to Campell

Jan tries to count all sixteen walkers as they mill around the car park in Tormos
David explains the walk, Nick prepares his satnav
The walk starts with a pleasant stroll towards Isberts Dam
Another hot day for mid-October, but fortunately plenty of shade
David points towards The Bull Run…….
….to an appreciative audience
Most had seen Isberts Dam before, but nine of us still went to have a look
Then the first climb, up to join the track leading to the rail tunnel
Followed by a longer and steeper climb up to Fontilles
Then yet another climb up through the woods to Campell
But David allowed sufficient water stops to recover

And there were the usual impressive views of Campell through the trees
At least there were no fallen trees to climb over this time

Everyone looks very relaxed despite a considerable climb on a hot day
All very pleased to reach the church and our picnic lunch
The remainder of the walk is downhill
First to Campell, and Jan’s favourite house
Then downhill to rejoin the Tormos track
A regular stop to feed the horses, and this time three foals as well
Finally one last climb………
……and a well-deserved cold drink in Tormos
Yet another very enjoyable walk for the Thursday Explorers

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