Tuesday, 10 October 2017

9 October 2017 – Advocat to Calpe

Only six of us for today’s walk.   There should have been seven, but Tom had a minor accident on the way to the start and had to miss the walk

This was our first Monday walk since the summer break and would not have been our first choice, as we last walked it on 15 May.  In fact it was one of the last walks we did before the break.  However it is a lovely walk, and very appropriate on such a hot day.
Today is a national holiday, so the roads were very quiet during “rush hour”   Advocat was quieter than I expected, though there were a few people in the sea when we arrived.
Wendy is very fit and always walks at a fast pace.   However we only made it to the top of the steps overlooking Advocat before our first stop
Although the main beaches were busy, most of the coastal walk was very quiet.   The path has been greatly improved since we first did this walk ten years ago, but is still too rough for most casual walkers.

We could not cross this stretch without mentioning David’s experience of cairn building.   On our first visit someone had made one of those complicated and attractive cairns.   David could not resist adding a small pebble, and the whole thing collapsed.   He has never been allowed to forget the experience.
At the end of the beach we had a short break for a water stop and to prepare for the scramble which follows

This was the view as we recovered.   Nothing unusual along this coast, which has many impressive and ever changing coastal views
Due to the recent heavy rain the climb was more slippery than usual, and lots of loose stones and rocks
To avoid climbing we tried to follow the beach as much as possible, but as the tide came in we had to follow the coastal path which involved a little climbing.
It was hot again today, with temperatures of 28c forecast.   Not sure if we achieved that, but it did feel pretty warm when there was no shade.
I would prefer to do this walk from Calpe to Advocat.  But the advantage of starting at Advocat is that we could have our picnic in the small park when we reached Calpe.   It was unusually quiet today and we managed to get two stone seats in the shade.
It was only 12 noon when we reached the park, but we were all ready for our picnic lunch.   David tempted us with a large slice of home made cake.
It was even hotter on the return journey, but we took it at a much slower pace.   Not sure whether this was Wendy being kind, or the rest of us refusing to walk any faster
Rosemary had not taken part in this walk, but she and David invited us to have a cold drink at their apartment at the end of the walk.    By now that prospect was looking very inviting.
When we did this walk in May it took us 5 hours (at a very leisurely pace).  Today it took 4 hours (at a less leisurely pace).
Rosemary seemed a little surprised when we arrived at the apartment all hot and sweaty.  But she provided cold drinks and homemade cake which was very welcome indeed.

Walk Stats
Distance – 9 km
Length – 4 hours  
Ascent – less than 100 metres

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