Saturday, 6 May 2017

4 May 2017 – Bernia Forat Circuit

This was a long anticipated walk, which we had to cancel last week due to the heavy rain
15 of us met at Bernia today in warm sunshine to be briefed by David who led the walk
It was almost 16 when this beauty joined us at the start of the walk.   However he left us at the font when we started the climb.
It was the first time most of the group had done this walk, all had heard of it and were looking forward to the experience.
A short break at the font for last minute adjustments before we start the climb.
I always remember the ascent as being the shaded side of Bernia, but today it was bright sunshine all the way.
Fortunately it was very dry because this section can be slippery when wet
Everyone had heard about the Forat and all managed it ok
And, of course, all were rewarded by this view of the coast as we emerged from the Forat.   This is always the highlight of the walk for me.
This is one of the best locations for a banana stop of all our walks
The walk is much better signed than it used to be, but there are still some rough sections.
Everyone agreed on an early lunch when we found a shaded area provided by a large tree.
Jan has a nasty fall just after this one was taken.   Nothing broken but a badly bruised arm.
We had a short rest to let her recover and then caught up with the rest of the group at the fort.

Susan and Anke had found the only shaded spot
The rest of us had a short break to admire the views
Though a good location for lunch, today it would have been too exposed to the midday heat.
The return to the cars is along quite a good path which allowed us to enjoy the wonderful views
It is at times like this that you appreciate how lucky we are to be able to enjoy such lovely walks
I just wish that I was a good enough photographer, and had a good enough camera, to do the views justice.
We finished with a very welcome cold drink at the refurbished Refugio bar.  Although much anticipated I am sure that everyone felt that the walk had lived up to expectations.   Lovely walk, great company and an excellent day.
The satnav confirmed that it was less than 9 kilometres and a total ascent of 400 metres.  But the stats alone do not do justice to the experience.  It seemed a lot longer, and indeed had taken us five hours and twenty minutes.

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