Thursday, 11 May 2017

11 May 2017 – Fig Tree

Nine of us for today’s walk, a much easier one than Bernia last week
We were grateful for the cloudy sky as we tackled the steep road climb from the car park to the finca banana stop.
The next stage is often difficult to follow, so I was pleased to find that there are now a lot of cairns marking the track.
A short break for Jan to point out…
…. the finca where we had our banana stop
About half of the group were wearing shorts in recognition of the higher temperatures
However with the dense undergrowth the rest were pleased that they wore long trousers
Still plenty of flowers around, but we were too busy following the track to pay much attention.
Lovely views for our picnic lunch, but cool wind prevented us enjoying them for too long.
After lunch a long downhill section, but with a lot of loose rocks and stones
Then the dreaded “sting in the tail”
Although most found it easier than I had described it
The cooler weather than expected helped with the climb
 Then another downhill section, taking care not to fall
Not possible to admire the scenery, but it didn’t stop everyone talking.
A final short stop at the ruined finca
And a group photo beneath the famed Fig Tree

Thanks as always to Nick for the walk stats.  Although one of the shorter walks at less than 5 hours,  I was quite surprised to find that we had done 510 metres of ascent.

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