Tuesday, 23 May 2017

22 May 2017 – Montgo Iberian Settlement

This would be our last Monday walk before the summer break
It is a long time since we last visited the Iberian Settlement, but at one time it was a favourite walk
The problem was that it was always one of our shortest walks, and it was replaced by longer Montgo walks such as The Eye or The Cross.
However Pat has found a much longer circuit which makes this a five hour walk
It is still only 9 km long, but it now involves quite a bit of ascent and descent
According to my satnav there was a very respectable 530 metres of ascent
Judging by today’s temperatures the summer has finally arrived
Despite the heat and climbing there was a very welcome cool breeze
This new route also involves a different track up the far side of the hill to the settlements, but we still came down the old way.
We reached the settlements at 12.30 which was too early for our picnic.  And there was also very little shade so it made sense to carry on.  But a shame not to be able to enjoy the views a little longer.
We did eventually find a lovely site for lunch, well shaded amongst the trees
We abandoned the direct track back to the cars, in favour of downhill towards the golf course.

A final climb and then through the woods back to the cars.   A lovely walk, though perhaps a little difficult for the time of year.  But we look forward to doing it again when it is a little cooler.

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