Friday, 19 May 2017

18 May 2017 – Bolulla Castle

Ten of us for today’s walk
Sunny with a cool breeze as we started the walk, though the forecast did warn of possible rain late afternoon.
It had been much warmer earlier in the week, so most came prepared for a summer walk.
We saved this one until May because it is shorter than most of our walks, and we thought it more suitable for the anticipated higher temperatures.
Barry joined us for his second walk with the group, and his last before the summer break.
 As we reached the castle the sun was hidden by cloud
The wind was quite cool and it was only just comfortable without a jacket
We had arrived early for lunch, probably we set a faster pace because it was cooler than expected
I did offer an optional climb up to the castle, but only if everyone wanted to do it
Everyone preferred an early lunch, particularly Nick and Janet who did not have any breakfast
With all of the climbing done before lunch, we set off for a gentle walk back to the cars.
Poor Helen fell and cut her knee, resulting in lots of TLC and offer of first aid.  Everyone seemed to have plasters, but they were all very small and it needed two or three.
Fortunately it was nothing serious, and Helen was soon ready to carry on
The best view of the castle is from this angle, so we had a short break to admire it
The sun appeared just after lunch and it was considerably warmer.  Fortunately the track was much easier and we took our time.
There was a mass of flowers and lots of butterflies, who all took wing as we approached.
We were back a little earlier than usual, and met up with Robert in the bar in Castells.  A very fitting end to a lovely walk.
The rain did indeed arrive soon after we got home, but we were compensated with this lovely rainbow.

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