Friday, 26 May 2017

25 May 2017 – Javea to Portichol

Despite the high temperatures there were ten of us for this the last walk before the summer break.
We started from the Arenal in Javea and walked along the beach
Although already quite hot the cool sea breeze made it a very pleasant start to the walk.
The climb up from the beach was a reminder that this was the Thursday Explorers
We took advantage of any shade for a short water stop, and the shaded mirador at the start of Cap Prim was the ideal spot for our banana break.
Susan also found a new friend here, not that she needs any more stray cats
The track around Cap Prim was very pleasant with the shade provided by the trees and the cool sea breezes
The views were also pretty impressive.  We have seen them many times over the past eleven years, but never tire of them.
We were surprised to meet Dave and Sue of  Casa Carrascal with one of their walking holiday groups.  They do not normally do this walk, but like us choose it because it is so hot this week.
We had provisional plans to shorter this walk should it prove too hot, but it turned out quite comfortable with the frequent water stops.
Due to the heat we were not able to spend as long as normal at some of the particularly fine views, but we did appreciate what we could see.
It was much quieter than the last time we did this walk, apart from Dave and Sue and their group. 
We decided not to visit Sardine Bay so as to avoid at least one steep climb 
But we did walk down to Portichol beach for our picnic lunch
We were surprised to find rows of chairs set up on the beach, and eventually decided that it must be preparations for a wedding
As we ate our picnic groups of well dressed people started to arrive, including more than one lady in high heels.   So for once we were not the most overdressed people on the beach.
The wedding has not started when we were ready to leave, but Dave and Sue and their group had arrived.   He later sent me this lovely photo of the wedding party to show us what we had missed.
We were all quite sad that this was our last Thursday Explorers walk before the summer break.   Jan and I would like to thank everyone who has supported the group throughout the year and hope to see you all again in October.
Walk Stats
Thanks as ever to Nick for the stats.   Although one of our easier walks, in this weather 11 kilometres and a total ascent of 285 was still quite a challenge.

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