Friday, 27 October 2017

28 October 2017 – Granadella

Fourteen of us walking this week
David led this walk, as he usually does
The mirador looked magical in the bright sunshine
We have not done this walk for a long time, due to serious fire damage last summer
There were still some signs of the fire, but mostly covered by new undergrowth
It is the first time most of this group have done this walk and I was pleased that it is again looking at its best 
The path over the headland is difficult, but easier coming down the other side
And we soon arrived at the ruins of the Napoleonic fort
As always we had our banana stop here
Nice to have Colin with us again, after his second holiday walking sections of the Santiago de Compostela
This is one of our most scenic picnic stops
Then there is an easy section of the coastal path
Followed by a not so easy section which is chain assisted
Nick demonstrates how it should be done
The next section is even more challenging
The wood hand rails had been destroyed in the fire
But fortunately have been replaced
And finally the mirador overlooking Granadella beach
We had our lunch on the beach and had to share it with a more people than expected
After lunch the long climb back to the cars at Combre del Sol
Here the slopes were covered in fire damaged trees
It was quite a challenging walk on such a hot day, but everyone was still going strong as we near the end.

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