Thursday, 24 August 2017

7 August 2017 – Family Visit Part Three

Jan and I often complain that the swimming pool is more trouble than it is worth, especially when we have to clear out the sand from a rainfall, or the pine needles after a heavy wind.
But it is all worth it during those hot summer months
And particularly when the grand children are here
They were here for three weeks this year
The first week was very hot, and they spent a lot of time in the pool
The next week the temperature dropped 10c, and the water in the pool was less inviting
The final week it rose again to a comfortable 32c, and a pleasant 29c in the pool
For Stuart (aged 10) and Georgia (aged 7 during this visit) the swimming pool has long been the highlight of their visit to nanny and granddad
It is all new to Chloe (aged 2) and she was not sure whether she really liked it or not 
But this holiday seems to have convinced her that she really does
It’s nice to think that when they are fully grown they will have such pleasant memories of visiting Jan and I here in sunny Spain.

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