Wednesday, 12 July 2017

22 June 2017 – Rothbury Part Three

Jack and Georgia were fascinated by the fact that Jan and I walk so much, particularly during this visit when the weather was so good.To get them out of the house, and give Stuart and Michelle a break, we suggested that we all have a walk down to the park and along the river
Jack’s idea of playing in the park involves playing Pokemon on his mobile phone.  It keeps him happy and distracts him from the fresh air and sunshine.

Georgia is full of energy and loves the playground, providing that she has an audience.

There is a nice short walk along the river from the park to the bridge, about a mile each way.   They were quite happy to give it a go.
There is a good all weather path to the bridge, but also an alternative track across a field with cows and sheep.   Obviously they preferred the latter.
When we reached the bridge we suggested that Jack throw in his stick, but he preferred to find another one instead.
So off we set to explore the new world of the next field, making this the longest walk they had attempted – at least with us.
Georgia was happy to help Jan collect wild flowers and did not seem to notice that the walk was longer than usual.
However as children do they suddenly ran out of energy, as you can see from Jack’s slumped shoulders, and we set off back to Rothbury.
Georgia discovered “cow pats” and had to be carefully guided to avoid them
Unlike the outward journey, both of them were now hot and “very tired”, as you can see from Jack’s body language.   But we managed to make it back to the ice cream shop in Rothbury, where they both made an immediate and complete recovery.

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