Wednesday, 5 July 2017

19 June 2017 – Rothbury Part Two

We manage to keep in touch with the family with visits and frequent Skype calls, but as they get older the age difference becomes more apparent.   Jack is now ten and is no longer interested in visits to the park.  He much prefers chocolate cake in the local café.
His current craze is Pokemon, which he is happy to explain in detail to anyone who will listen.   His mum and dad go glassy eyed at the mention, but he has a new convert in Jan.
Georgia is six and loves feeding the ducks and playing in the local park, especially when she has an audience.   Once more Jan is happy to provide one.
She is much easier to entertain, but does require the occasional bribe (such as an ice cream) to get her out of the park.
Chloe is the new challenge.   She is approaching two and is not too sure about these two older people who have suddenly appeared in her house
For the first few days she cried each time we spoke to her, and ran to her mum and dad for protection.  But gradually she has got used to us.
By the end of the week she would come to us for a good night cuddle, but much prefers watching her favourite programme on the I Pad

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