Tuesday, 7 February 2017

6 February 2017 – Pinos to Bernia

A fine sunny day for “the other Pinos walk”, around the lower slopes of Bernia, downhill and back to Pinos through the valley
A good turnout of 13 for today’s walk, and only just enough space for all the cars to park 

These two are well used to walkers feeding them apples, though not today.   On the other Pinos walk we pass them at the end of the walk, and usually have some left over food to feed them.  Today it was at the start of the walk, and no one was prepared to share their lunch.  However Ken did pick some grass, which seemed to go down well.
The weather has been changeable throughout January, so it was pleasant to have a sunny day with blue skies
The almond blossom is just starting to bloom, which adds a little extra colour to the walk
The walk along the side of Bernia is always impressive, and never more so than today 

We often take a break at this abandoned finca near Pinos.   Over the years it has become more and more of a ruin, but the wall remains firm enough to offer a much needed sit down.
It will probably never happen, but it would make a lovely holiday home on the outskirts of Pinos and with these views of Bernia
13 km
5.5 hours
507 metres of ascent

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