Saturday, 4 February 2017

2 February 2017 – Castells Arch

This walk clashed with the U3A monthly meeting, so our numbers were reduced.   Despite this eleven of us met at the car park on a cold and overcast morning
The weather forecast promised us sun until midday, followed by overcast and the possibility of light rain after 5pm.  We should have known better.   The day started overcast, it was raining by midday and the sun appeared at 4pm. 
We expected it to be a few degrees colder at Castells, but we did not expect to find so much snow on the hills.   The snow only lasted one day in Parcent, but seemed to be well established here.
Good to have David back again, and also to have him leading this walk
I took advantage of David leading the walk to record it on my satnav, assisted (as ever) by my trusty administrative assistant
One section of this walk is along a dry river bed, and we were a little concerned that it might be flooded.  In fact it was completely dry.   However slightly further on we could clearly hear fast flowing water.
Good to have Helen taking photos on the walk, particularly when I am busy with the satnav
Thanks to her for this group photo which includes Jan and I
The clouds got thicker during the morning, but it was still dry for our banana stop
Yet another photo of David and Sabine eating – almost as many as Jan eating a banana!
The rain started as we got to the arch, a great shame as this is a spectacular view on a sunny day
The rain was not heavy, but it was persistent.   It continued all the way back to Castells
Just before we reached the village we found the track blocked by a fallen tree.  Fortunately we were able to climb over the obstacle without too much trouble.   In fact I think everyone quite enjoyed the scramble.
Walk Stats
Thanks to Nick as always for the walk stats.   I should be able to produce these with my satnav, but he does it so much better.

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