Tuesday, 28 February 2017

27 February 2017 – Olta Summit Recce

We led this walk last year for our Thursday Explorers group, but had a couple of problems finding the right route first time.  We want to offer the walk again this year, but felt it was best to do a recce and record it on my satnav first.

We were surprised just how few people there were on this popular walking area.   It was really nice to have the whole place to ourselves, and a pleasant change to be walking on our own.  
It was strange not to have the usual chatter as a background, and particularly when we had our banana stop.
We also found that we made much better time on our own, we appreciated the scenery more but also we were more aware of the climbing sections without the distraction of company.
One of the reasons for our recce was to check that the ground was firm and that there were no obstructions due to fallen trees.   In the past we have found that the path can become very muddy and difficult to walk.  But it was firm today.   There were signs of soil erosion due to water damage, such as this tree with its exposed roots.
We had lunch at Cim D’Olta, and again had it all to ourselves.   Unfortunately we did not have the goats for company, as we did last year.   We could however hear them in the far distance.
We had quite a thick mist all day, as shown in this photo of Calpe Ifach.   It meant it was not worth taking photos of the scenery, but it did add a sort of magic to the scene, particularly as it was so quiet most of the time.
Again we had the Ermita to ourselves.   We are always impressed how clean the picnic site is and the lack of any vandalism.   I seem to have recorded the walk ok on my satnav, but the proof will be when I rely on it to lead the walk next week.

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