Sunday, 26 February 2017

26 February 2017 – Parcent Survivor Race

Sleepy little Parcent came alive today with masses of participants and spectators in the Survivor Race.   Apparently these events are held around Valencia every three months.   We were told that there was one here in Parcent last year, but were not aware of it.
The race starts in the centre of Parcent and follows a route through the village and around the nearby campo, it then returns to Parcent and ends near the Cooperativea. 
Over recent weeks we have noticed obstacles and towers in the campo between Parcent and Alcalali.   We were baffled until we received an email confirming that the race would be held today, and that streets shown on the map would be closed to traffic from 11am to 2pm.
 The map showed the route clearly, and where there would be obstacles.  It also showed the start and finish point, but not which direction the race would take.   Nor was there much information about the race itself.

Yesterday we did our own recce of part of the route, to determine the best place to watch it.   The route itself was marked by yellow arrows, and within the village a large x marked streets not to be used.   We also found the location of the main obstacle course within the village
When we arrived at the Cooperativea just before 11am the centre of the village was crowded, but most of the participants seemed to be watching rather than getting ready to start.   It soon became clear that there would be a series of small groups starting 10 or 15 minutes apart.
So we were able to watch the first group, who I imagine were the fastest, leave the Cooperativea.   We then walked down to the “chicken shacks” in time to see them arrive there
There were three obstacles there, one carry large concrete balls, then cross this frame.   Not only cross it, but twist in between each cross bar.

Then on to this frame, where they had to swing from one side to the next.   Jan particularly wanted a photo of this chap with the tattoos, and no shirt!
We then walked up the hill towards the play park.   Here they had to carry large water containers and then leap over this fence.  By now the groups seemed to have joined and there was a constant stream of contestants.
In the main square by the church they had to cross this complicated arrangement of ropes and rings.
This is the leading lady contestant and it appears this one is more difficult than it looks.   The chap watching on seemed to be her trainer.   We noticed that a couple of the leading contestants had trainers with them.

By now we were getting pretty tired ourselves just walking up and down the steep streets.   This chap looks happy to be going downhill, but just around the corner he is going to have to run uphill again.

Right at the end of the race they had to swing across this large water obstacle.   Most landed in the water, and then had to go back and try again.  It appeared that they had to complete it to finish the course.

There was a large crowd around the finish, including a lot of contestants.   I assume that they had already completed the course, though they did not look too much the worse for wear.

Jan was quite worn out watching all of this hard exercise, and needed a large slice of cake to prepare her for the walk back home.   We watched the race for about two hours, and it was still going when we got home.  We could see, and hear, more groups starting the circuit whilst we had lunch.   It was a fun experience walking around the course, and you have to admire the determination of the participants

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