Wednesday, 25 January 2017

23 January 2017 – Winter Storms

After four days of being house bound due to nonstop storms, heavy rain and power cuts we were desperate to get out for a walk.
As soon as the rain stopped we were out to the car and on our way to Jalon to see what damage the four days of storms had done.
We were quite surprised to find no signs of damage at all, indeed no sigh of the recent storms other than the river being higher and faster flowing than normal.
The only apparent inconvenience was that all of the fords were closed and would have been dangerous to cross.
There was some storm damage, such as the loss of our over flow parking near the tourist information centre.  But this was done in the storms we had before Christmas
In fact the river looked similar to how it had then, and I must admit that it looked pretty impressive compared to its normal narrow trickle.
We also walked into the campo and found some more damage from the pre-Christmas storm.  
We did find this poor horse on a long lead, looking pretty muddy but not at all distressed.   Just hope he was not there during the storms.
We had to abandon our walk when we reached the normally dry ford, and found a wide, fast flowing stream of water.   OK for boots but a bit too much of a challenge for our normal walking shoes.

I am sure that a lot of people in the campo must have suffered damage during the four days of storms, but it would appear that Jalon has escaped the worse of it.

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