Monday, 23 January 2017

18 January 2017 – Winter Wonderland

This morning we woke up to this wonderful sight, taken from our naya
Despite the icy pavements and roads we decided to walk into Parcent and take some photos.
We passed a couple of Spanish men who were brushing the snow off the orange trees.
It was about 11am when we reached Parcent, and already the roads were passable and the snow starting to melt
This encouraged us to walk on to Alcalali
We last experienced snow like this in Spain this on 25 January 2005.   We were staying in Alcalali for a week looking for a suitable house to move to Spain.  We had a sunny but very cold week looking at properties and the snow arrived the day before we were due to return to the UK.
When we arrived at Alcalali the roads were pretty clear and most of the snow had melted in the village.   We had memories from 2005 of people obviously not used to snow.   I remember one woman trying to clear her windscreen with a piece of card.   And a group of workmen having a snow ball fight.   Today the village was pretty clear and the snow not apparently causing any problems.
The campo road between Alcalali and Parcent was much clearer on the way back, more slush and water than snow or ice
The almond blossom have just started to bloom and at least today did not seem to have suffered much.   I remember cold, wet and very windy weather at this time of year in the past, and the blossom seem to survive.  Let’s hope they do so again this year.
The weather forecast for the rest of the week is heavy winds, thunder and rain.   So we have cancelled our Thursday Explorer walk for this week.   Glad that we made the effort to get out today, as it turned into a very enjoyable walk

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