Thursday, 4 January 2018

29 December 2017 – Snowing in Rothbuy

Our first week in Rothbury was surprisingly mild, but this morning we woke up to heavy snow and a winter wonderland
The children, and their dad, could not wait to get out and play
Chloe, and Michelle, were not so sure that they wanted any part of it

Fortunately the “old folk” were excluded from the snow ball fights
A final group photo and then back to the house to dry off and warm up
After lunch the snow had stopped and we talked Georgia into walking down to the park
We did not make this snowman, but we told Georgia we would pretend that we did
She really wanted to build her own snowman, but she also wanted us to help her
We managed to talk her into building one at home when Jack could help her
The park play area was covered in snow and even Georgia agreed to give it a miss
Instead we walked over the bridge to feed the birds
We always take some bread with us to the park, she never gets tired of feeding the ducks
We had to promise a visit to the sweet shop to get her away from the park
Rothbury is a very pretty little town, and even more so with a covering of snow
We all enjoyed our afternoon walk, but were now happy to return home for tea

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