Monday, 3 April 2017

3 April 2017 – Lleus Pinos

This is the third time we have done this walk in about six weeks.   We walked it with Thursday Explorers on 18 March, and did a recce of the walk a couple of weeks before that.
Fortunately it is a very enjoyable walk, and particularly so on such a pleasant day as today.

We were also fortunate to gain a four legged addition to the group.   He joined us at Lleus and completed the walk with us to Pinos and back.  He had no collar, but looked too well fed to be abandoned.
There were a group of workmen at Lleus when we started the walk, and he might have belonged to one of them.  Unfortunately they were not there when we returned at 2pm, but they might have been on their siesta.
He was a very friendly dog, and obviously liked humans.  In fact he was more interested in making friends than being fed scraps.
It was another warm and sunny day and it was a pleasure to be able to get out and enjoy it.
The gorge is a lovely peaceful spot, but today we had loud pop music from one of the nearby fincas.   The same thing had happened when David and I did the recce, but all was quiet for the Thursday Explorers walk.
I had recorded this walk on my satnav when we did the recce, so I was able to use it to follow the route today.
Last week walk from Gata was dominated by Montgo, today it was Bernia providing a permanent backdrop to the walk
April is our favourite month for walking.   It is less likely to rain than March.    It is not as hot as it will be in May.   And the flowers are in full bloom.
The square in Pinos is an ideal spot to have our picnic lunch.   There is lots of seating and you can opt for sun or shade.  Today half the group sat in the sun by the church, we choose the shade.
A very relaxed looking trio starting the return journey to Lleus

Our new four legged member seems to have very little road sense.  When a car approached we had to pull him to the side of the road.   Fortunately he always came at once, and was quite happy to be held.
Once off the main road he could run free, but in fact always remained close to us.   He may well be a working dog, because he seemed to want to “round up” anyone who was not part of the main group.
We stopped at a view point which is new to Jan and I.   We have passed this abandoned finca at least ten times, and have never walked through to the back.   There is a magnificent view of Olta and the coast.
Peter and Jan cooperate to give the dog a drink of water. 

A very enjoyable walk, and we did not mind that we have done it so much lately.  However we might now give it a miss until next year.

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