Thursday, 13 April 2017

13 April 2017 – Pinos to Bernia

Fourteen of us today on a very hot and sunny day
It is the first time this group have done this walk, but the third time we have done it since February.   First with the Monday group, then a recce with the satnav and again today.
The two donkeys were waiting for us, and Jan had come prepared with an extra apple for them
It looks like she is eating it herself, and they look none too pleased, but in fact she is just biting off a piece for each of them
After a long, grey winter we seem to have gone straight into summer.   The temperature was mid 20s today, and everyone came dressed for the higher temperatures.
We started 20 minutes late due to a misunderstanding about the start time
But we made good time to the first water break at the abandoned finca.  We had planned to have our banana stop here, but we arrived too early.  So we pushed on to the Refugio bar.

The bar has been refurbished but is now open.   These four helped themselves from a stack of chairs from the bar.   But moved when the barman started giving them the “evil eye”.

The rest of us settled for the cheap seats.  Not so comfortable, but we did not have to worry about an irate barman!
At this stage it was much more comfortable than I had expected.  Though still warm it seemed more comfortable as we reached the main road
This is a very pleasant part of the walk.   Flat walking on a good surface with lovely views of Bernia and down the valley to the coast.
We decided to have our lunch at the font where the Bernia climb starts.   Although a little early for lunch, it was more shaded than our usual lunch spot would be
We were surprised to meet quite a lot of Spanish walkers, and even had to share the font area with them.   It is a holiday today and there many more cars where we usually park for the Bernia walk than I have ever seen before.
Because of the heat I allowed half an hour for lunch, but they were getting their packs on after 20 minutes and preparing to start walking again.

Not only is it all downhill now, but most of it is through a wooded and shady area.  Though I did notice when we passed our usual lunch site that it was very exposed and very hot.  So it was a good decision to have lunch in the shade at the font.

Despite the heat we made really good time, and everyone seemed quite fresh as we approached Pinos.
So we did the detour through the gorge.  It is a little longer, but more pleasant than walking up the long and steep hill which leads to Pinos.
David scratched his leg going through the gorge, and was quite pleased with the large amount of sympathy he received form most of the females in the group.
It was not long before we reached the T junction with the Jalon road.   The passengers found a shaded spot to make themselves comfortable, whilst the drivers walked back to collect the cars.
Despite the warmer weather it was a very enjoyable walk, and everyone managed it without any problem.   Some of the climbing was a challenge, but no complaints. 
  I must admit that I quite envy most of the group who are discovering this lovely walking area for the first time.
Thanks to Nick for the walk stats

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