Tuesday, 21 February 2017

20 February 2017 – Cabo San Antonio

Clear skies but chilly enough for jackets when eleven of us met at Javea Port

The fire damage of a couple of years ago was still very obvious as we climbed up to the lighthouse.  Many of the trees which we had seen being cut down last year were still along the side of the track.
The plus side of the fire is that there are now no trees or thick undergrowth to block the views
By the time we reached the view point near the lighthouse the clouds were starting to gather, and we still needed jackets despite the climb.
The picnic site has been transformed since the fire.   It is now much larger and has excellent views out to sea.
The open expanse between the lighthouse and the tower is now very difficult to navigate since the fire.    Most of the undergrowth has disappeared, making it much more difficult to follow the ill-defined tracks.
The return journey is along a much better path leading to the windmills overlooking Javea
There are two particularly suitable spots for out picnic lunch.  One at the tower overlooking Denia and the second here at the Windmills.   However the first is a little early, and this one a little late.   Today we had lunch at the tower.  But the windmills is always worth a visit, even if only a very short one.

Walk Stats
Distance 15km
Time 5.5 hours
Total elevation 305 metres

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