Wednesday, 15 February 2017

14 February 2017 – Lleus to Pinos Recce

David, Jan and I had planned to do this recce on Monday, but cancelled it due to the weather forecast of rain all day.   In fact it was dry for most Monday.   However today was not only dry, it was sunny.   And with the almond blossoms a lovely day for a walk.
Each Tuesday Jan goes to the Jalon market with friends, so it was left to David and I to do the recce.   The local cat looked like she would have been pleased to join us, or at least to share our sandwiches.
We started at Lleus church, a place which I have had problems finding in the past.   So today I used my satnav to record the journey.   David joined me as I was recording the first waypoint, so I was able to follow him to Lleus.
We have both walked this route many times, but never led it before.   However we were confident that between us we could find it.
We were soon put to the test.   Shortly after we started we needed to find the track in a wooded area.   We found a path marked with two cairns, and assumed that was the right one.   However the path quickly disappeared and we spend half an hour trying to find it.   We then walked further down the track for a short distance, and found the correct track.   It was unmarked, but it was obviously the correct path.
The rest of the route to our picnic lunch at Pinos church was uneventful, and we found it without any problem.   In fact we even found a much better alternative route in one difficult section.
A very enjoyable walk, made more interesting by the added challenge to find the route.   Unfortunately this is the last opportunity to recce with David, as he returns to the UK next week.

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